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US Consulates General in Foreign Countries
Processing US Visas

US Consulate General at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Non-Immigrant Visa
All applicants are required to make an appointment. Due to an April 1, 2002 change in regulations, applicants will only be able to reenter the United States if they are found eligible for a new visa and actually have the visa stamped in their passport. I-94 forms (even if valid), accompanied by previous expired visas, will no longer be valid for the automatic re-entry of persons traveling from Canada or Mexico if during their visit they applied for a new visa that has not, in fact, been issued.

Appointment Procedure:
Applicants in Mexico please contact TELETECH: 01-900-849-4949 (Monday-Friday 7:00a.m.-9:00p.m.,  Saturday-Sunday  9:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Central Time. Cost is 12 pesos per minute.

Calls with credit card (except American Express): 01-477-788-7070. Cost per call is $50.00 pesos plus the long distance fee from your phone company

Applicants in the United States please contact: 1-900-476-1212 (cost of US$1.25 per minute).
Calls with Credit Card (Visa or Master Card): 1-800-919-1754 (cost of US$7.00 per call).

All NIV applicants must bring to the interview appointment the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • One recent photograph (taken within the past six months), 2x2 inches (5x5 cm), color. It must show a front view, full face, on plain light (white or off-white) background.
  • A receipt for the US$100 visa application fee from any BANAMEX (Banco Nacional de Mexico) branch in Mexico. The hours of operation of Banamex are Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
  • A properly completed DS-156 Form and supplement DS-157 for all males between the ages of 16 and 45. The forms are available at the Consulate free of charge or on the consulate website.

Immigrant Visa

  • From the U.S. for information dial: 1-900-476-1212. Calls are charged at the rate of $1.25 per minute.
  • From within Mexico, dial: (01 900) 849-4949. Calls are charged at the rate of 12 pesos per minute + IVA
  • Holders of Master Card or Visa credit cards: 01-477-788-7070. Calls are charged at the rate of 50 Mexican pesos plus IVA and long distance charges per call.
  • Also callers can obtain a PIN number from any Banamex branch and dial: 01-800-112-8500. The PIN number costs 115 Mexican pesos
  • Fax: (656) 616-90-27 or (656) 616-93-88 If calling from the U.S. please dial 011-52 before the number
  • Walk-up window: A walk-up immigrant visa information window is open Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm.

Attorney Representation
Effective November 1, 2004, Consulate can no longer grant access to attorneys to the Non Immigrant Visa and Immigrant Visa waiting areas. Questions or concerns as to the disposition of client’s case, attorneys may submit request in writing to the Consulate in care of either the NIV Chief or IV Chief to:

US Consulate General Ciudad Juarez
NIV Unit
PO Box 10545
El Paso, TX 79995

Or by e-mail:
NIV or IV:

Or by fax (If calling from the U.S. please dial 011-52-656 before the number):
NIV 611-5350
IV 616-9027

Contact Information:
U.S. Consulate
Avenida Lopez Mateos 924 Norte
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Main: (+52) (656) 611-3000
Fax: (+52) (656) 616-9056
IV (from Mexico): 01-900-849-7474
IV (from U.S.): 1-900-329-5520
IV Fax: (+52) (656) 616-9027
NIV (from Mexico): 01-900-849-4949
NIV (from U.S.): 1-900-443-3131 (or online:
NIV Fax: (+52) (656) 611-5350
ACS: (+52) (656) 613-1655 (Day)
ACS Fax: (+52) (656) 613-3470
Emergency: (+52) (656) 651-6019

Laser Visa applications, contact TELETECH at 01-900-849-4949



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