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Expedite your visa application

If you need to expedite your visa application, please contact the LL.M. Law Group to help.  Please note the following general expedite criteria:

  1. HUMANITARIAN SITUATION: When compelling humanitarian needs are present. As exists when an U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident petitions for a relative (visa number needs to be available) who is requiring medical treatment or special care, or in cases where the petition is for a minor child who lacks appropriate supervision or security. Medical documentation may be required.
  2. EXTREME EMERGENT OR UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: Such as, when a petitioner, through no fault of his own, is faced with an emergency. As occurs with nonimmigrant petitions for members of the arts such as when a musician, singer or other performer approved for a nonimmigrant classification is suddenly stricken with an illness and must be immediately replaced.

  4. SEVERE FINANCIAL LOSS TO COMPANY OR INDIVIDUAL: When failure to adjudicate a petition within specific time frames would cause severe financial harm or loss to an U.S. entity and no other remedy exists.
  5. SERVICE ERROR: When the Service has made an error in processing a case and that error has delayed the receipt of a lawful benefit.
  6. DEPT OF DEFENSE or NATIONAL INTEREST SITUATION: The request must come from an official U.S. Government Entity and state that the delay will be detrimental to our government.
  7. Nonprofit status of requesting organization in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States.

Please refer to the LL.M. Law Group's immigration consultation procedures to begin.

The LL.M. Law Group will work with you to arrive at an arrangement that is fair to all concerned.




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