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B-1 Visa
(Business Visitor Visa)

A B1 visitor is defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act as "an alien (other than one coming for the purpose of study or performing skilled or unskilled labor as a representative of foreign press, radio, film, or other foreign information media coming to engage in such vocations) having a residence in a foreign country, which he has no intention of abandoning and who is visiting the United States temporarily for business...."

The LL.M. Law Group can help obtain a B1 visa for the following visitors to the United States:

  • Business people engaged in commercial transactions that do not involve gainful employment in the United States
  • Business people to negotiate contracts
  • Business people to consult with business associates
  • People to attend scientific, educational, professional, or business conventions
  • People visiting the U.S. to litigate
  • People undertaking independent research
  • Business people exploring the potential to set up a subsidiary of a foreign corporation or to make investments
  • Business people attending meetings as a member of the Board of Directors of a U.S. corporation
  • Athletes competing for tournament money
  • Purchasing agents of a foreign employer coming to the U.S. to procure goods, components, or raw materials for use outside the United States
  • Persons employed outside the U.S. who are paid from abroad, and who visit the U.S. to undertake an established training program that would qualify them for an H3 visa
  • Employees of foreign airlines engaged in productive employment in the U.S. and paid in the U.S., but ineligible for E1 Treaty Trader status
  • American educational institutions bringing foreign guest speakers or lecturers

Please refer to the LL.M. Law Group's immigration consultation procedures to begin.

The LL.M. Law Group will work with you to arrive at an arrangement that is fair to all concerned.




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