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US Consulates General in Foreign Countries Processing US Visas

US Consulate General at Montreal, Canada

Non-Immigrant Visa
All NIV applicants must schedule an appointment. As part of the US-VISIT program, the post now collects biometric data - digital scans of the two index fingers - from each visa applicant. The following categories of Canada residents are exempt from fingerprinting and my apply for a visa by mail:

  • Applicants for A-1, A-2, C-3 (except attendants, servants, or personal employees of accredited officials), G-1 - G-3, NATO-1 - NATO-6 visas;
  • Applicants under 14 years old;
  • Applicants over 79 years old.

Applicants can book an appointment on the internet at ($10 CAD), or by calling the following numbers:
(+1) (900) 451-2778 - from Canada at $2 CAD per minute
(+1) (900) 443-3131 - from the United States at $2 USD per minute
(+1) (888) 840-0032 - payments for the call accepted by credit card

All NIV applicants must submit the following documents when applying for a non-immigrant visa:

  • Completed application form DS-156. A separate form is required for each applicant regardless of age. English and French versions of Form DS-156 are accepted.
  • Passport size photo  2 x 2 inches, on a white background and date certified

  • Completed and signed form DS-157 (for men ages 16-45).  A, G, and NATO applicants (other than A-3, G-5, and NATO-7 applicants) do not need to submit form DS-157. Males and females from Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, ages 16 years or older, must also complete this application form.

  • F, J, and M visa applicants and their dependents must complete form DS-158

  • Passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months past your intended stay in the United States.

  • Evidence of applicants current immigration status, in Canada, as well as any documents related to prior visits to the United States. For example: expired passports with old visas, I-20 Forms for former students, DS-2019 (IAP-66), Forms for exchange visitors, I-94 cards, Employment Authorization Cards, etc.

  • Non-refundable Machine Readable Visa (MRV) fee of $100 USD. Cash only directly to the post

  • Proof of your relationship to the principal applicant. If you are applying as a dependent family member, such as a spouse or a child. For example marriage certificates, birth certificates, adoption papers, etc. Documents must be in English or officially transcribed to English.

  • If you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, you should bring copies of relevant police and court records.

  • Supporting documentation/ proof of Income/Ties. Documents that demonstrate you have financial stability and permanent ties to a country outside of the United States. If you are a visitor to Canada, this normally means ties to your home country.

  • Non-refundable visa application fee USD $100.00, in exact U.S. currency only (coins are not accepted).

  • Depending on your country of citizenship, you may also be required to pay a fee for visa issuance, known as a "reciprocity" fee. If your visa application is approved, you will be asked to pay this fee at the time of your interview.

The following documents are generally useful to help establish ties for all applicants and must be presented when applying for a non-immigrant visa (submit originals only):

  • A current letter of employment (or that of the family member or person providing you financial support) showing date hired, salary, full-time or part-time, and position.

  • Pay slips and tax documents.

  • Current school letter with proof of tuition payment and transcript of marks for current and past year.

  • Property deeds.

  • Canada Immigration Form IMM-1000 (Record of Landing) and the permanent resident card.

  • Work authorization or study authorization/permit.

  • Monthly bank statements.

  • If self employed, registration of company, business permits/license, taxes filed for previous year(s), bank statements and business income.

In addition to the above please provide the following with your application:

  • For business, provide documentation and detailed information on type of business or conference attending.

  • For pleasure trips, provide itinerary of travel, cities to be visited, and duration of stay. 

Immigrant Visa
All immigrant visa processing. All pre interview inquiries about cases, from petition receipt through interview scheduling, should be directed to the National Visa Center (630) 334-0700 with the case number.

E visas issued only at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.

Attorney Representation
An Attorney may accompany client(s) applying for a visa. It is up to the consular officer discretion whether to allow attorney participation in the actual interview. If the visa application is denied, the attorney may phone the NIV section to request reconsideration. The attorney should be prepared to provide additional documentation or persuasive legal authority to justify reconsideration.

Contact Information
United States Consulate General
1155 St. Alexandre Street
19th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H3B 1Z1

Main: (+1) (514) 398-9695
Consular Section Chiefs Fax: (+1) (514) 398-9748
ACS Fax: (+1) (902) 423-6861



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