In order to best assist you with your immigration needs, please complete the following Employer Immigration Questionnaire. Any information obtained from this questionnaire will be kept completely confidential. 

You may submit the online form or print Employer_Immigration_Questionnaire.pdf or Employer_Immigration_Questionnaire.doc and submit it via facsimile or by U.S. post at the number or address listed below.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open Employer_Immigration_Questionnaire.pdf. To install Acrobat Reader please click here.

The information contained in this form should be
provided by Employer.

If you are:


seeking to sponsor one or more employees


Citizen or Permanent Resident


Student or
Exchange Visitor


Investor in the United States

  A separate Employer Immigration Questionnaire should be completed for each employee you plan to file an immigration petition.     Seeking to help a relative immigrate to the United States, a separate  Immigration Questionnaire  should be completed by both you and your relative.     Please include information about your host educational institution or program in the Immigration Questionnaire     Please include details regarding the investment and complete a separate Investor Questionnaire


It is very important that you fully complete the Employer Immigration Questionnaire. 
If you do not understand a question, please state so in the space provided for your response. 
If no response applies, please write or type “N/A” or “None” in the space provided. 

Thank you for your confidence in the LL.M. Law Group to help you with your important immigration matters. 

*If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call 312-880-0872.

TYPE OF EMPLOYER U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
Other (please explain below):

Name and title of Employer

Name of Employee
Family Name
First    Middle  

Employee’s current visa type (If in U.S.)

Information about Employer
Address of Employer
(principal place of business)

Contact information:
Phone 1
Phone 2
E-mail address Cell Phone
Best time to reach

Best form of communication
Mail    Phone    Fax     E-mail    Cell Phone

Information about Employee
Present Address of Employee in the U.S.
Street Address / Apartment number / City / State / Zip:

Present Foreign Address
Street Address / Apartment number / City / State / Zip / Country:

ontact information:
Phone 1
Phone 2 Fax 
E-mail address Cell Phone

Has any immigrant visa petition ever been filed by or on behalf of this person:No   Yes
If 'Yes" please provide all supporting documentation.


Information about proposed employment
Job title for proposed position
Job SOC Code (if known)

Is this a new position: Yes  No

Detailed non-technical job description for proposed position (include information regarding minimum education, training and experience necessary for proposed position):

Occupational code (if known) of proposed employment

Additional qualifications and skills employee possesses and proficiency in the use of tools, machines or equipment which would help establish requirements for listed occupation:

List employee licenses (professional, journeyman, etc.):

Number of employees this employee will supervise
Beginning and ending dates of intended employment

Location(s) where services will be performed in the United States (if different than Employer’s address).
In the case employee will be working at different locations, submit wages information for both locations


Proposed work schedule Full time
Part time, Hours per week
Wages or salary offer 1 Primary location where services will be performed in the United States (principal place of business).
Per week
2 weeks
Per year
Per month
Other compensation (explain)

Value per week or per year of other compensation
Salary Offer
Prevailing wage (if known)

Wage Source (if known):
Collective Bargaining Agreement
Year Source Published


Wages or salary offer 2 Location where services will be performed in the United States (if different than Employer’s address)

Per week
2 weeks
Per year
Per month
Other compensation (explain)

Value per week or per year of other compensation
Salary Offer
Prevailing wage (if known)

Wage Source (if known):
Collective Bargaining Agreement
Year Source Published


Supervisor information Or other person who can provide technical information about job offered:
Name Title
Tel.     Fax
Basis for classification
New employment
Continuation of previously approved employment without change
Change of previously approved employment
New concurrent employment

If you checked other than “new employment” give the most recent prior petition number for employee (if known):

Additional Employment Information If your company has employed this individual previously or presently in or out of the United States, please complete the following:
Name of Employer   Job Title 
Duties and responsibilities, including managerial responsibilities:
Number and job titles of people supervised

Dates of employment
Relationship, if any, of overseas employer to proposed U.S. employer

Documents to be provided by Employer*

*Applications require several types of supporting documentation.  Please provide responses for the following questions and documentation supporting your responses (i.e., articles of incorporation, federal/state tax returns, financial audits):

Tax Identification Number
EIN Number

Social Security # (if petitioner is a sole-proprietor)

Date established (month/day/year)

Nature of Employer’s Business

Current Number of Employees

Number(s) of H-1B Employees

Annual Gross Income

Annual Net Income

If known:  NAICS Code    DOL/ETA Case Number

Describe efforts to recruit U.S. workers and the results (specify sources of recruitment by name):

Please provide evidence that employee possesses the education, training, experience, and abilities for the job.

 EMPLOYER CERTIFICATION For sponsors of temporary employee

Employer must certify the following conditions of employment:


a.  I have enough funds available to pay the wage or salary offered the alien.

b.  The wage offered equals or exceeds the prevailing wage and I guarantee that, if labor certification is granted, the wage paid to the alien when the alien begins work will equal or exceed the prevailing wage which is applicable at the time the alien begins work.

c.  The wage offered is not based on commissions, bonuses, or other incentives, unless I guarantee a wage paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

d.  I will be able to place the alien on the payroll on or before the date of the alien’s proposed entrance into the United States.

e.  The job opportunity does not involve unlawful discrimination by race, creed, national origin, age, sex, religion, handicap, or citizenship.

f.   The job opportunity is not:

1.  Vacant because the former occupant is on strike or is being out in the course of a labor dispute involving a work stoppage.

2.  At issue in a labor dispute involving a work stoppage.

g.  The job opportunity’s terms, conditions and occupational environment are not contrary to Federal, State or local law.

h.  The job opportunity has been and is clearly open to any qualified U.S. worker.

EMPLOYER CERTIFICATION For sponsors of permanent employee

Employer must agree to the following statements:


a.  Wages: Pay nonimmigrants at least the local prevailing wage or the employer’s actual wage, whichever is higher, and pay for non-productive time. Offer nonimmigrants benefits on the same basis as U.S. workers.

b.  Working Conditions: Provide working conditions for nonimmigrants which will not adversely affect the working conditions of workers similarly employed.

c.  Strike, Lockout, or Work Stoppage: No strike or lockout in the occupational classification at the place of employment.

d.  Notice: Notice to union or to workers at the place of employment. A copy of this form to H-1B workers.

By submitting this Questionnaire via on-line form without signature, I, on behalf of the employer, attest that all of the information and certifications provided in this Questionnaire are true and correct. I agree to make supporting documentation and other necessary records available for purposes of this immigration application and that I will be truthful in all future exchanges with the LL.M. Law Group.


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